Metal Working Fluids

Silver Lubricants products are applied all over the world when the shape of metals is changed in cold or hot sheet forming, massive and cold forming processes. In liquid or solid, oil or aqueous form they minimise friction between tool and metal, even in case of extreme forming temperatures and surface pressures. Silver Lubricants are used to manufacture semi-finished and finished products of high precision and optimal surface quality, ready for their intended application or for finishing purposes in subsequent processes.

Cold forming oils

The extreme surface pressures between tool and work piece require high-performance forming agents which are able to build up pressure-resistant layers during the process in order to prevent premature wear, fretting or even breakage of the tools. With our Silverform products for cold forming you can be sure that you are using the most modern, continuously developed products available for demanding forming processes. Cutting fluids
Modern machining operations with defined and undefined cutting edges are characterised by machine tools with high feed rates and cutting speeds. For construction reasons demanding materials are used in increasing quantities.

Water miscible coolants

As a developer and manufacturer of coolants Silver Lubricants has offered high-performance products to this demanding market segment for decades. The Silvercut and Silvergrind product series covers the whole range of water miscible and non water miscible coolants. The modern design of these products ensures maximum efficiency for all operating conditions. These advanced coolants are designed to optimise either the cooling or the lubricating properties. Water and oil can be considered as the common base fluids.

Non water miscible coolants

Silvercut N series of non water miscible oils is suitable for easy and demanding machining operations such as turning, drilling, milling, thread cutting, grinding, and sawing. The cutting and grinding oils are tailored to the large variety of materials to be processed.

Synthetic Neat Cutting Oil

Synthetic Neat Cutting Oil for Sliding Head Machines

Silver Lubricants has developed a non-HAP, non-VOC, inherently biodegradable, fully synthetic based neat oil suitable for high performance grinding and machining. Our product is specially designed to be used in Sliding Head Lathes like Star, Dugard, Tornos and Citizen machines.

Silvercut MO PG is not miscible with conventional neat cutting oil and so the machine needs draining fully. Our product does not fume or mist at all. It prevents from overheating and fire due to it's very high flash point (>300 deg. C)


  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Excellent EP Performance
  • Enhanced Tool-life
  • Cost effective
  • Very economical in-use
  • Non hazard labelled
  • Non-VOC