Industrial Greases

Lubricating greases

Silver Lubricants develops and produces high-performance greases for various industrial applications and extreme requirements. Silver Lubricants offers a wide range of lubricating greases for roller bearings, gears, plastic and electronic components. The applications range from rough conditions in heavy industry to demanding applications in automotive technology.
According to the most up to date knowledge in tribology, our product range complies with our customers’ demands with regard to friction, wear and lubrication as well as economic and ecologic optimisation of the processes themselves.

Our product range:
   Silverplex Extreme series
   Silvergrease EP series

Railway greases

Lubricants for railway systems are often in direct contact with the environment. The environmentally compatible, readily biodegradable rail lubricants manufactured by Silver Lubricants fulfil and often exceed the legal requirements. They are tailored to the various requirements worldwide with regard to their low temperature behaviour and sprayability.

Grease for Heavy Industry

Silver Lubricants products reliably cope with the extremely demanding requirements of gears and open drives in heavy industry. On site technical service ensures correct application and contributes to a reduction in repair costs and downtime. Thanks to reduced consumption savings are also made in terms of lubricant costs.

Our product range:
   Silverplex Extreme HT series
   Silverplex CCG